You Can Be the POSITIVE Spark in a Forest of Negativity

If I think about it for too long…

The overwhelm of negativity in our country today literally takes my breath away. 

You too?

People seem to be so sensitive about so many things… 

  • Masks – No masks
  • Start school – Don’t start school
  • Seated learning – Virtual learning
  • Public school –  Home school 
  • Vaccine – No vaccine.

It all makes my head spin (insert middle-aged Exorcist). Scary, huh? 

But deeper than that, it burdens my heart so much

Is the extreme sensitivity because our current crazy is at an all-time high? Or could it be a lack of understanding and inability to engage others?

I’m gonna go with “all the above”. 

I know I have been silent simply because I don’t want to offend anyone. And right now, that pretty much includes everyone… about everything… all the time. 

Ok, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but you get my point.

For the past 6 months, we’ve gone from lock down quarantine, to re-opening phases of various restriction levels, to mask mandates.

Yeah, that’s enough right there to start a cray-cray cycle for anyone. 

The stress, pressure, and overwhelm we have experienced in 2020 (ummm… she can just be hindsight already) has significantly influenced a knee-jerk reaction from the vast majority instead of an intentional response. 

More times than not, a reaction is a defense mechanism rooted in a survival mentality. 

A response comes more slowly as relevant information from multiple perspectives are carefully considered

Nothing productive comes from a reaction as negative energy is typically the driving force. 

Unfortunately, these voices are the ones echoing through the subwoofers of social media. 

Here are some things I would like you to consider. Seriously, I want you to really put some thought and energy into this. Pour yourself a cup of Joe, a glass of tea, or heck, pop the cork on your favorite bottle of winewhatever it takes for you to get in the zone

  • As a woman, how do you share your message without getting sucked into the downward spiral of contagious negativity? Because girl, I’m telling you, not even an N95 mask will prevent that stuff from spreading. 

  • How can you consistently show up in a positive space so you don’t show out in a negative way?

  • How can you confidently use your voice to speak the truth and share your beliefs in a way that constructively floods our world with positivity?

Do you remember when we used to roll our eyes and make fun of all the foodie pics on social media? Guilty. 

Well, here’s the irony of that. What I wouldn’t give to know what you’re having for dinner now… partly because I’m so over the negativity… but mostly because I’m sick of cooking the same ol’ stuff. Sister could reeeeaaaally use some new recipes over here.

SIDE NOTE: If you have a favorite quarantine recipe you would be willing to share, I’m all ears for that. Flood my feed right here with all of your foodie goodness.

Ok, back to the topic. 

I don’t have the perfect solution for our pandemic of negativity (honestly, I don’t think there is a “perfect solution” for any of this COVID crap), but I believe this is a good place to start. 

  • You must have confidence in what you believe and the truth you represent.
  • You must learn how to productively share it with a confident and gracious voice.
  • You must learn how to use that voice to influence in a positive way

Does this mean others will accept all you believe and stand for 100% of the time? Ah, heck no… only in a perfect world, my friend.

But it does mean this…

You will be doing your part to initiate a positivity movement.

Can you even imagine what would happen if just half of the population were to do this? 

Go, now. Let’s start a movement.

SIDE NOTE Part 2: I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling super positive about all the recipes that will flood the “foodie feed.” Don’t forget to chime in with your favorite recipe.

Sister, maybe you could use some extra encouragement and positive reminders as you make your way through the week. If that’s the case, invite me to your inbox for a weekly rendezvous of encouragement and motivation… I promise not to disappoint. 

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