I will (YOU fill in the blank) when…

  • … I lose those extra pounds.
  • … I’m out of debt.
  • … I get my kids raised.
  • … I have more time.
  • … the economy recovers.
  • … the pandemic ends.

I have uttered these words. You have uttered these words. We have ALL uttered these words in our life. If you say that you haven’t then I will guess the weight listed on your driver’s license doesn’t represent reality either. Am I right? 

We’re all friends here… so it’s time for a little tough love. You know, a type of love that hooks you with the left, but picks you right back up and points you in the right direction… because that’s what real friends do.

Truth bomb…

We convince ourselves that our “I will when…” conditional statements are justifiable reasons for not taking the next step toward the thing we dream about doing or the person we dream about becoming. 

Friend, these are not reasons at all. They are excuses. We use them to justify our fear and hesitancy, to both commit and act on the thing we really want for ourselves and for our families.  

WARNING: The next thing I’m about to say might bloody your snoot a bit, but I need to say it. And spoken in true mother fashion, “This is going to hurt me worse than it hurts you.”

The true meaning of “excuse” is actually worse than a lie… yep, it sure is.  It is actually a “guarded lie.” Ouch. I told you it might smart a bit. 

Now, let me add insult to injury.

When we live a life that is consistently defended by excuses it means that we have become comfortable with defeat and have settled for mediocrity…

… and the sad thing is we don’t even realize it. Fear, insecurity, anxiety, uncertainty, worry… they are all bossy that way. 

It’s so easy to “wish” when we are in this place and convince ourselves that we are “dreaming.” What lies we tell ourselves. It’s been said that when we tell ourselves a lie long enough, we will eventually believe it.

Wishing is easy. It’s simply a thought held prisoner in your mind… until the next shiny object comes along. 

A wish doesn’t require any commitment or action and takes very little energy to evolve. When our wish doesn’t come to fruition, we just casually move on to the next thing.

But dreams? Oh, sister… we are about to step into a whole new world. 

Dreams begin with a vision and a plan of intent. What is it you truly desire? What is the end goal?

Next, you manifest that bad boy really hone in on your target. What does it look like? 

Finally, you must commit and take action. You’ve got to do the do to get to the WOO HOO

Not gonna lie, it will take time, energy, grit, determination, and sacrifice… but it will be so worth it. You’ll wonder why in the stinkin’ world you didn’t start dreaming sooner. 

What do you say, friend… are you ready to reign in those excuses, get off of that wish horse and BE GREAT NOW? 

Yeah, I thought so. 

Go dream and do, sister.

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