Why is the Grass Always Greener on the Other Side?

“The grass is always greener on the other side.”  

I’m sure you are familiar with this proverb. 

You have probably even used this phrase yourself (I know I have!) to imply that the things others have or the circumstances in which they live simply look better than your own.

Or, maybe someone has directed this cliche’ toward you, criticizing your discontent with what you have or where you are in life. 

Here’s the deal, friend. When you aspire to do more and to be more, you are naturally inclined to seek that next thing. 

Your search for something bigger and better will be ongoing. And, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. 


…don’t assume that someone else’s journey to the place you want to be was a smooth ride; void of any challenges, mistakes, or failures along the way. 

As women, we deal with adversity on the daily. Some of it external… and some of it internal. Life happens. No one is immune to hardship. 

And, this reality couldn’t ring more true for all of us right now. But, in light of everything going on in the world, it’s so encouraging to hear others share their story of overcoming adversity… because everyone is going through something. 

Most of what brought me to where I am today was my ability to get uncomfortable. What I needed didn’t necessarily come naturally for me. The next steps weren’t always obvious… but I stepped anyway. 

I did hard things. I learned from my mistakes. I made adjustments along the way.

The toolkit I built to succeed is what got me to the other side. And, for the record, “easy” is not a word I would use to describe my journey. 

But you know what? I wouldn’t trade that journey for anything in the world. 

How about you… Where do you want to go? 

It is not too late to start putting together the toolkit that will help you get there. Start by surrounding yourself with the people who will help you get to that next level. 

You must get comfortable being uncomfortable. 

What is keeping you from taking that next step toward where you want to be?  Is it comfort? Fear? Complacency? False beliefs? 

Sister, please don’t settle for just “good enough.” You have something the world needs more of. But, they will never get to experience it if you simply stay where you are. What do you say? Take that step. 

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