The Powerful Advantage of Emotions

If you were to brainstorm a list of all the emotions you have ever experienced, your list would include things like happy, sad, stressed, proud, excited, grateful, scared, etc. 

That list of feel-good or not-so-good descriptors can be sorted into two categories: positive and negative. 

Feeling both positive and negative emotions is a natural part of being human. 

Just because you label a particular feeling as “negative,” doesn’t mean it is a bad thing to experience; it’s just more difficult. 

But I’m not gonna lie, sister. I’d much rather experience the emotions found on the positive side of that chart. I’m sure you will agree. 

Here’s the deal. It takes both kinds to make our world go ‘round… and to shape us into the person we were meant to be. 


This Is How Negative Emotions Can Help You

The positive thing about negative emotions is that they can warn us of potential threats or challenges. For example, fear alerts us to the possibility of danger; a healthy signal that we need to put up our dukes and protect ourselves. 

Likewise, feelings of anger can be a warning that someone is about to cross a boundary, step on our toes, violate our trust, etc. It is a helpful emotion that warns us we need to act on our own behalf. 

Negative emotions will focus your awareness on a specific problem that needs your attention. However, too many negative emotions can leave you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, etc. 

Although there is a good side to the not-so-pleasant emotions we experience, the more you center your attention on them, the greater your problem may seem. 

When this happens to me, my husband blames my hormones. I blame him. 


This is How Positive Emotions Can Help You

Not only can positive emotions balance out the negative ones, they can benefit you in several ways. 

Unlike negative emotions that narrow your focus, positive emotions affect your brain in a productive way that increases your attention, awareness, and memory. They make it easier to comprehend more information, hold on to multiple concepts, and understand how certain ideas relate to others. 

As these positive emotions open your mind to bigger and better opportunities, you will be able to develop new skills and build upon the ones you already have. This leads to better performance in your daily tasks, relationships, and career. 

In a nutshell, women who have plenty of positive emotions in their everyday life will live in a happier and healthier (physically and mentally) space. If there was a grade card to summarize their performance, it would report that they “learn better and play well with others.” 

If this sounds like a “utopia” you could go for right about now, then I have good news, sweet sister. It is yours for the taking. But it will require some intentional action on your part. Anything worth having is worth working for, right?

Can you guess what the key is to creating more positive emotions in your life? 


Building healthy habits into your daily routine that encourage positive emotions will help you live a happier, healthier life. 


Habits that promote positive emotions are especially important when you are already dealing with a lot of negative emotions such as fear, stress, sadness, anger, or frustration. 

Start paying close attention to the positive emotions you experience throughout the day. Identify them and really think about how they make you feel. 

After a few days, choose one of your positive emotions and start taking action to increase it. Think about the things that help you feel that way. What healthy habits can you incorporate into your daily routine that will help you experience more of that

Could you use some inspiration in creating healthy habits that promote positive emotions within your day? Then check out this blog post for some real-life encouragement and motivation. 

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