The Key to Living an Intentional Life

I can’t imagine a more important message for you to hear in the midst of everything going on right now… 

This. Is. Everything. 

It is the fundamental element upon which all things in life are built…

  • Your lifestyle
  • How your kids behave
  • Who your friends are
  • The kind of work you do 
  • Every single thing…

Can you guess what it is? 

Let me help you. 

It’s simple… but not easy. 

It is a choice… that only YOU can make.

It is how you show up.

…How you show up for your spouse, for your kids, for your job, for your friends.

The way you show up has a direct effect on the way the rest of the world shows up for you. 

We attract what we are and what we do.  

But, you know what? It doesn’t start with how you show up for others.

It STARTS with how you show up for YOURSELF… 

  • How do you start your day?
  • How do you take care of yourself?
  • How do you manage your energy? Do you make time for rest?
  • How do you plan your day? 

It is crucial that you show up for yourself daily and with intention… in every area of your life. 

You must figure out what lights up your soul and do more of THAT each new day… especially during these times of fear, unknown and unrest. 

How you show up for yourself affects how you show up for your family. And that will determine how they show up for you. 

The way I show up for my husband and my kids impacts the way they respond to me. It also influences the way they behave in their world. 

It all starts with me. 

The way you show up for yourself doesn’t just influence the way you show up for your family. It also determines how you show up for your friends. 

I have a confession… I only hang out with people who are cooler than me. True story.

I do that because the way they live their lives inspires me and pushes me to do better… to be better. 

I’m so lucky to have the opportunity to spend time with amazing women who live their lives on purpose… with radical intention no matter what’s going on. 

I’ve watched them during this incredibly difficult time that we’re all going through, and there is still such GRACE in the way they show up… PURPOSE behind every moment in their day… LOVE in everything that they do. 

But, you know what? That door swings both ways. 

I share with them what’s working for me in my life and my business.

I spend time with them and listen to what’s going on in their world.

I encourage them. 

The way we show up for others determines how the world and the people in it show up for us.

  • Humility breeds humility
  • Compassion breeds compassion
  • Perseverance breeds Perseverance

How are you showing up for yourself, your family, your friends, your job?

Do you aimlessly wander through the day? Do you allow your circumstances (like everyone being home from school) to set the tempo or define the structure of your schedule or routine?

YOU get to CHOOSE what you bring to the table. YOU get to CHOOSE how you spend each moment. YOU get to CHOOSE the life you live.

Life is short. Live it on purpose. 

Friend, with all my heart, I want that for you. 

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