The first book,

The Sweet Spot

Everything Women Need to Know to Enjoy Life More

gives you permission to find happiness in life’s little moments. And most importantly, it gives you permission & practical ways to take care of yourself so life’s stresses don’t get the best of you. You deserve to stay happy and on track with who YOU really are and what YOU want out of life…whether you’re a jet-set CEO or a stay-at-home mama of four. You’ll learn how to:

  • Find your “sweet spot” every day
  • Silence the little witch on your shoulder who tries to bring you down
  • Overcome the five objections women have to enjoying their Sweet Spot
  • Make your own transition from stressed to happy
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Then my second book,

The Essentials

Everything You Need to Know to Make It as a Network Marketer

gives you an exact, easy-to-follow roadmap on how to build a career despite life’s busyness and all the responsibilities thrown at women. I give you the exact roadmap I used to make $1 million in my first year…but if an extra $500 per month is what’ll make you happiest, it’ll help you do that, too. I’ll show you:

  • Why MLM companies are a great fit for lots of women
  • How to choose an MLM company that works for you
  • How to talk to your family about your new career without them scolding you for “buying in on a scam”
  • How to sell without being a skeezbag
  • Leadership for successful business building
  • Online marketing 101
  • How to stay motivated when you hit roadblocks
  • How to maintain work/life balance
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