Practicing Self-Care On Purpose

Picture this… you have been talking about going on a family ski trip for weeks.

One Friday afternoon, you look around, and everyone is home (even the teenagers!) The trunk is full of luggage and road trip supplies, the weather is perfect, everyone has gear that fits them, and the GPS is programmed for the best-rated ski resort around.

I can hear you laughing from here… there’s no doubt this is NOT how family trips go!

But just like you can’t go on a ski trip with your family without a plan, you can’t practice self-care without intention.

Practicing Self-Care On Purpose

There are a lot of things we’d all LIKE to do…

  • Meal plan
  • Take up a new hobby
  • Workout more
  • Pick up a new book
  • Spend more family time together

But none of those things happen without intention.

Unfortunately, self-care often also falls into the category of, “I really should, but I just never get around to it”.  And I’ll be honest, that’s what I said for a long time.

It wasn’t until my cancer diagnosis that I knew I had to get intentional about changing my perspective on self-care. And after making just a few simple shifts I was able to see such a powerful difference that self-care quickly became a non-negotiable for me.

Since then, I’ve focused on intentionally integrating self-care into my day-to-day life. I tried all kinds of tips and tricks, but these are the ones that actually worked for me…

Three Ways To Practice Self-Care On Purpose:

1. Time Block

Every morning after my workout I block out time for me. I use it to dig into some personal development, journal, or connect with my husband (yes, self-care can involve other people).

That block of time is scheduled in my calendar every weekday, and I treat it exactly like a meeting so nothing can get scheduled over it.

2. Create Routines

Every Tuesday and Wednesday night we do homework with my son. Thursdays are my personal day when I can tackle a project around the house or have lunch with my girlfriends. Friday night is family game night.

By setting these routines in advance the entire family can work self-care into their schedule without even realizing it. It allows us to make other plans freely and know what to expect for the week.

3. Get Creative

Self-care doesn’t have to be sitting and meditating or taking a bubble bath. Riding the horses, hanging with my kids, and feeding the chickens all count as self-care for me!

Don’t be afraid to get creative with what you consider self-care. Notice what times you feel totally at peace and connected with yourself… maybe it’s doing a home improvement project, maybe it’s playing with your dog, or maybe it’s heading to yoga class.

No matter what it is, claim that time or activity as your self-care and schedule more of it. By picking something you’re already doing, you ensure you’re integrating self-care into your day-to-day routine. Plus, you don’t have to worry about deciding what to do for self-care… it’s already happening.

I spent years figuring out what self-care tactics work for me. Then, I compiled the 101 ways I practice self-care into an easy to digest ebook so you can get tried and true ideas for you and your family!

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