My Passion Project – The Sweet Spot

Have you heard? I wrote a book called The Sweet Spot! 

I’d like to share with you why this was such a labor of love for me and my team…..

This book is the culmination of my entire life’s story. It’s my heart and soul on paper… 

It’s for all of the women out there who are wondering, “now what?” 

Now that we have the family and the partner and the careers… now that we have the house and the BMW and the picket fence… what goals should we have now?

As women, we get bombarded with a LOT of messaging… 

Dream big!! But not too big… 

Be a mom! But also a wife! But don’t lose yourself!

Enjoy life! But not too much… then that’s selfish.   

And then, years down the road, we look down and realize we “have it all”… 

Now what? Are we supposed to just check out? Are we supposed to keep dreaming big? Are we supposed to keep chasing the same goals you set a decade ago? 

You see, that’s what The Sweet Spot is all about… 

The Sweet Spot: Everything Women Need to Know to Enjoy Life More.

When I sat down to write this book, it really felt like I was writing a love letter to women everywhere. I desperately want everyone who reads it to feel seen and understood… 

It’s time to stop busting your butt for something you could care less about. 

It’s time to let go of the life the world would have you live. 

It’s time to remember the little things that just make you happy, and it’s time to go get them. 

It’s time to find your Sweet Spot again


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