Make a Plan to Conquer the Chaos in 2021

Happy NEW Year to you, sister. 

I can’t remember a time I’ve been this eager for a fresh start.  

I’m not sure if I am more excited about ringing in a new year… or rolling out an irksome one. 2020 couldn’t be hindsight fast enough. 

And here we finally freakin’ are. A new beginning, clean slate… don’t you just love an opportunity to start over?

I learned many things this past year. But my greatest ah-ha from the year that felt like 365 days times 5 was that life isn’t perfect. 

Life isn’t designed to be perfect.

This is such a freeing thought. It means you can let go of the ideals you have carried for so many years and relieve yourself of the pressure to accomplish them

Whew! Let me tell you, unloading that weight has been life changing. If only my skinny jeans could experience the same. 

It is not “breaking news” that things are changing on the daily in our world… drastically so, sometimes. 

The gambit of changes we continue to experience make it difficult to accomplish any sort of plans we have made. Heck, just because toilet paper is on our shopping list, doesn’t mean we can cross it off the list by the time we leave the store.  

I get it. The weight of lingering ideals left undone leaves you feeling scattered, off balance, and out of sorts. 

There is absolutely nothing sweet about those emotions, and it is highly unlikely that quality productivity will take place in that space. 

You want to hear what my solution is for that predicament? 

Flexibility. And no, I’m not gonna suggest you begin each morning with 100 toe touches. 

But I am going to encourage you to allow room for flexibility in your day-to-day life. 

Prior to March 2020, we were accustomed to operating on tight schedules and deadlines, leaving very little room for flexibility. 

However, we have experienced firsthand that our worlds will not explode if we take a little longer to complete non essential tasks. Nor will it end if we don’t accomplish every goal.

Sister friend, you’ve already been flexing some flexibility, and you didn’t even realize it.

Flexibility is being able to adapt (or bend without breaking). It is a crucial element in any plan to conquer chaos.

I’ve got a tough love, real life PSA for you. WARNING: This hit me right between the eyeballs like it’s probably going to hit you, too.

You have very little control over the big picture plan of what happens in life. 

Mmmm hmmmm, I told you it might sting a little.  

BUT, when you invite flexibility into your routines, schedules, circumstances, relationships, you become better equipped to respond and adapt to the unexpected

Allowing yourself to let go of ideals, perfection, and rigid behaviors simply creates more room for you to relax, have fun and enjoy life more. 

Doesn’t that sound like a good plan for 2021? 

I would love to help you create your plan to conquer the chaos in 2021. 

My approach is really pretty simple and about as realistic as the grey hair I pay somebody good money to cover up… So about that… we earned every one of those suckers and should flaunt those medallions with distinguished honor. Air high five and elbow bump, anyone?

Ok focus, Kacie.

Back to what I was saying before my middle-age rant. Sister, you must get really clear about what you want and what you don’t want in 2021.  

What matters most to you right now? 

Is it your kids’ extra-curricular activities, your marriage, sticking to your budget, healthy meal planning, quality family time, personal development, promotion at work, launching a new business? 

Dial in on these things and work everything else around them. Commit to making them a priority by scheduling them into your daily routine. But remember, flexibility is our word for 2021 (well, at least the theme for this week’s blog). Be sure to include some wiggle room for it.  

What is or isn’t working for you in your schedule right now?

In order to make room for the things you have designated as priorities, you will need to switch things around a bit. (Mmmmm hmmmm, more change) Continue doing what is working for you and eliminate what is not. 

Maybe you will need to start your day a little earlier. Perhaps you need to delegate some responsibilities to the rest of your family so you can be 100% present for them in the evenings. 

Or maybe you need to schedule more self care or personal development into your routine so you can offer your best self to your family. Remember, a well cared for mama means a well cared for family. 

If you weren’t committed to creating a plan to conquer chaos in 2021, then chances are you wouldn’t be reading this blog to the very end. 

That being said, I have a challenge for you. 

Sit down with your favorite drink (no judgment here) and make a list of the things that matter most to you in 2021 – specifically those things you want to have priority in your life. Then, head on over to our awesome Facebook community and share them with us. 

I want you to do this for two reasons. First, I’m interested in you, sister, and I want to encourage you. Second, there is accountability when we demonstrate transparency and share something important about ourselves with others. 

So, are you serious about conquering the chaos? You’ve got a clean slate to work with, sister. 

I’ll be waiting for you right here.


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