Life After COVID: How to Redirect and Search for Opportunity

Now, here is an interesting point to ponder.

What if COVID-19 and all of its ornery shenanigans was actually a gift?


What if you took a hot minute to at least consider how it might be? 

Hang with me here.

In no way am I trying to minimize the devastating impact this grumpy virus has had on the health, finances, and livelihoods of so many. Let’s be real, it truly sucks the suckiest of suck. 

If you have been personally affected in this way, I am so very sorry. 

Yet, in all humility, may I make my best attempt at redirecting your focus to find the pearl in your storm? I assure you it’s there. 

As a culture, we have spent so much time and energy talking about the ways this unprecedented pandemic has affected this and that in our homes, our schools, our workplace, our business, our country, our world. 

We’re not wrong. This COVID bully has definitely shown himself and left his mark. 

But I believe it’s time to embrace the fact that this space is our new reality and move the heck on.

I can’t even with the “new normal” talk because that would suggest things are “typical and ordinary”… two things 2020 will never be accused of.

However, you know what I can do? 

I can get excited about our new reality when I think of it as an opportunity to reset, renew, and restart.

And so can you, sister. 

For years I have surrounded myself with other career-minded individuals. I’ve also carried the burden of guilt for not having the time to be the wife, mother, friend I desire to be. 

I assume you can relate. 

Do something for me. Set aside the social media chatter and the “woe is me” complaining for a bit. I know. That stuff is about as popular as cheap Chinese restaurants in a college town. 


… beneath all of its layers of devastation and deceit, Rona-Corona is actually a blessing in disguise? A gift?

… the aftermath of her destruction results in new perspectives that reel you back in, helping you recognize what’s really important?

…  these surreal circumstances provide opportunities that force you to sort through the necessary and unnecessary things in your life?

…. Covid-19 leads you to recreate that “white picket fence” around your home, finding yourself in that place you’ve desired or have insidiously moved away from? 

Perhaps this mess has blessed us with another chance to enjoy life in a new way; to be present in all the spaces we desire to show up as our best self – wife, mom, woman, employee, business owner, etc.

Here’s the real and raw deal, my friend. (*I know you don’t keep comin’ back for cotton candy counsel, now do you? Ain’t nobody got time for that.) 

You must remove yourself from the contagious gloom and doom “status quo” and look for ways to transform the yuck into something of value. 

So what do you say? Are you ready to wake up from the shakeup and seize the day with everything it has to offer. 

I think you are… and I think you are going to rock it. 

*I have a favor to ask. It is always my intent to provide you with content you find practical, useful, and encouraging. I would love to hear from you. What topics would you like to hear more about? You can send your suggestions directly to my inbox. I look forward to hearing from you. 

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