Is Success Without Fulfillment Really Success?

Have you ever had one of those holy-crap-this-is-gonna-be-goooood AH-HA moments???

… you know, the ones that leave you bug-eyed and shaking your head because you know the brain burst you just experienced will change things. 

Oh sister…

I have been counting down the days for the opportunity to share this with you.

I recently took Business Mastery with Tony Robbins. In preparation for the training, they asked me to consider what my goals were for 2020. My list of “aspirations” went something like this…

  • I will only drink two times a week.

  • I will turn off my phone at 8:00p.m.

  • I will get up early so I have time for meditation before my day begins.

But then I was like,  “Wait just a frickin’ minute, Kacie. Who are you even kidding? These aren’t goals. They are just trivial steps toward not being lazy and taking back control of my personal health and self-care.”

Soooo, I erased them all and started back at square one.

I want these things, but what I most desire deep down in this perimenopausal gut is to stop being comfortable being comfortable. 

And that means something has to change… because nothing changes if nothing changes, right?

Before I unload what I reeeeaaalllly want to share with you…

I have a confession to make.

I haven’t been living anywhere near my “sweet spot” for the past six months. Talk about not practicing what you preach. I mean, come on, I have written a stinkin’ book about everything women need to know about enjoying life more… and here I am.

Yeah, yeah, I know… COVID and all the other dumb things.  But for real… I have got to step it up a notch… or two… or three.

Before I get crazy real raw with you, I want you to picture me assuming the most sincere position of humility. 

At 44 years of age, I am rocking every area of my life right now. (*insert humble pose.)

I have a great marriage and a healthy relationship with my kids. I have both financial and time freedom. We have a beautiful home and get to travel to some amazing places. I have the absolute best gig ever as my J.O.B. 

On the surface, the world would place these things and accomplishments under the category of “success”. 


… regardless of the external factors that might make it look like Kacie’s got it goin’ on mean nothing if the heart is void of fulfillment.

As I began evaluating my goals for 2020, I discovered that I was in that place. Yeah, by the world’s standard, I am successful. But on the inside I was, well, empty.

I no longer felt challenged. I was just surviving instead of thriving. My drive to become a better individual who truly empowers other women to do the same had gone stale. 

What the heck??? THAT is not what I am about.

Girl, you wanna know what happened? I got comfortable… that’s what happened. And then I became complacent. 

Complacency is a sly SOB. He will take root in your passion, drive, and perspective, choking out any harvest of fulfillment.

When I first began this journey, my goals included steps toward teaching, training, mentoring and empowering other women to have the same opportunities I have.

You can bet your after dinner glass of wine that the passion and desire to do those things is at the heart of who I am. 

But I got so distracted with what I was doing and accomplishing that I forgot why I was doing it in the first place.

Don’t get me wrong. Time freedom, financial security, having nice things, etc. are all ok and good. But if that’s where you hang your hat or how you measure your success, then you will eventually become overwhelmed with emptiness and disappointment. 

I can tell you this, my plan for 2020 looks a heck of a lot different from 2019 thanks to a clearer understanding of true success… 

…because success without fulfillment isn’t really success. 

What about you, sister? What is your success-o-meter measuring? 

Is it measuring your level of comfort, monetary gain, time freedom? Or is it measuring the eagerness you have each morning as you awake and the contentment of your heart as you lay down at night? 

I would love to chat with you sometime and help you sort out those things that really fill you up. Let me know when you have time for some good ol’ chic chat. I can’t wait to meet you. 

In the meantime, I would love to share a little more with you about my passion project, “The Sweet Spot.” After my recent Ah-Ha, I may need to revisit it again, myself. 


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