Summer… Is That You???

For the love of it all, I’m not sure if it’s actually Summer… or maybe a fifth season that’s been randomly tossed into the mix. Whatever we call this weirdness, distance learning is officially O-V-E-R… OVER. Can I get an Amen with a side of hallelujah?  

As moms, we typically spend some time at the end of a “normal” school year mapping out a new schedule and planning the summer calendar for our families, because let’s be real… we like to have a plan

But given the uncertainty of the past few months, I really have no idea how or what I even need to plan. And you know what, there is such sweet freedom in that place.  

This pandemic pause from an overworked and over-committed American way of life has been such a blessing for our family. 

Limitless front porch conversations… planting a flower garden together as a family are just two examples of some precious opportunities that our hustle-bustle life did not have time for. These porch sittin’, dirt diggin’ moments have helped me realize how truly powerful the simple, spontaneous, unscripted nuggets of life truly are… and I want more of that.  

So, this got me thinking… (I know, I know. You’re not surprised.) 

As women, why do we think we have to have it all figured out?

We are planners extraordinaire. In fact, some even boast about this “superpower.” True story.

We build our lives and even train our children with a go-go-go mentality, showcasing our pre-planned agendas and cram-packed calendars like they are some kind of trophy…  then wonder (probably even complain about) why we are worn out, burned out, and eventually checked out. 

Could this “fifth season” be an opportunity for you to re-evaluate who you are and who you want to be… where you are and where you want to go? 

Shake your head this way…

… And then start by asking yourself these questions…

  • Do I feel stuck? If so, why?

  • When is the last time I dreamed about something bigger?

  • Is there any desire for me to be better and to do better?

  • What really feeds my soul?  

Friend, as the world slowly begins to re-open, nowhere does it say we must pick up where we left off. I can guaran-darn-tee you my family and I will not be resuming “business as normal” around here… and, I encourage you to resist that urge, as well.

One of the greatest reminders for me during this COVID calamity… yes, there can be treasures hidden within the rubble of a storm – but, you may have to dig a little… is the necessity of consistent self-reflection. 

Now, before you let that guilt train run right over your innate desire to take care of others and convince you that any sort of “self” care and attention is selfish, let me stop you right there with this simple truth: 

Self-care is intentionally giving others the very best of you… instead of what is left of you. 

Do you want to take care of the people in your life? Begin by taking care of YOU. 

Sister, you may not recognize this season as a “traditional” Summer, but it definitely has the potential to be one of your best “seasons” ever. Don’t waste it. 

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