How To Stay In Your Sweet Spot (The Antidote to Obligation)

“Woah, where’d that monster come from? Reel it back in, Kacie.”

I just snapped… has that ever happened to you?

One second I’m fine, and then the next, I’m MAD. My kid does something they know they’re not supposed to do, my husband says that thing that always triggers me, or I discover that one of the dogs has snuck away to chew on something.

Before I know it, I’m yelling.

Not just raising my voice… yelling.

The thing is, there’s a way to avoid this kind of situation at my house. I’m not saying it’ll always make me perfect… but it definitely helps me turn into an angry green monster LESS.

Intentional Living.

The longer I’m on this earth, the more I realize how critical this one thing is. When I’m living intentionally, I’m allowing myself to stay in my Sweet Spot.

That means I’m scheduling time to do things that I know bring me joy (like a lunch date with a friend or a movie night with my hubby).

I’m saying no to things I don’t want to do and yes to things I do want to do.

It also means I’m prioritizing self-care… and treating it as a non-negotiable.

So how do you live intentionally so you never have to leave your Sweet Spot?

Step 1: Get Clear On What Fulfills You

My friends always tell me, “Kacie, you take such good care of yourself.” And honestly? This is exactly how I manage that (even if everything around me is crazy).

Start with a journal and detail out what makes you feel GOOD. What do you find irresistible?

It doesn’t have to be big things… it can just be treating yourself to a muffin or pastry the next time you’re at Starbucks or having a minute of quiet to yourself before the whole house wakes up.

Get clear on what things light up your soul.

Step 2: Become An Observer

As you’re taking time to understand what fulfills you, look around to see the state of your daily routines right now.

Think about things like…

The conversations you have
The way you spend money
The social events you say “yes” to
The food you put in your body
The way you exercise

How are you spending your time right now, and what might you want to change?

It’s important to note here that it can be really easy to get overwhelmed in this stage. So don’t forget that intentional living is a process.

You don’t have to take crazy leaps, forget about every responsibility, and end every toxic relationship by lunch tomorrow.

So focus on just taking small steps that inch you closer to the Sweet Spot lifestyle.

Step 3: Implement

Now it’s time to introduce some of the things you love, and remove some of the things draining you.

Remember, it’s okay to start small.

Maybe it means scheduling a bubble bath after dinner sometimes. Or maybe it means bowing out of the book club that has just turned into a gossip club and tuning in to one of your favorite shows during that time instead.

No matter what you decide, remember to give yourself grace along the way. You can do this.

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