How to Navigate the Course of Decision Fatigue

I’m tired. You’re tired. We’re all so flippin’ tired.

Decision fatigue… the struggle is real.

I see you, sweet sister-friend. I can empathize with the fact that even deciding which box of cereal to serve your family for dinner has become a laborious task. 

Come on now, don’t gasp in disgust. Who hasn’t done that??? I can assure you no one has died in the process. For real.

Even before the 2020s pandemic shenanigans, most women were already burdened by the weight of daily decision-making responsibilities, creating stress that often results in exhaustion, overwhelm, and burnout. 

Our current circumstances have merely turned up the heat and intensified the pressure of decision making. 

Take out or sit down dining? Grocery pick up or in-store shopping? Virtual or seated learning? To congregate or not to congregate for family Holiday celebrations? 

It’s a lot. Months and months of assessing the risks and benefits of so many daily decisions is taking a toll on you… and you’re exhausted. The level of uncertainty in the world doesn’t help.

Sister, it’s absolutely ok to wave your white flag and admit that you’re tired.

You are not alone. Even though we are all fighting a different battle, none of us are immune to the stress that has engulfed our world.  Everyone is carrying some form of circumstantial weight. 

Yes, decision fatigue is real. And it can feel as hopeless as the teenage years with your sassy teenage daughter. 

But know this, sister… 

You can combat this ornery bully and protect yourself from its demise. 

There are ways to revive your will power and ensure productivity, particularly on those heavy decision-making days. 

Allow yourself to make fewer decisions.

This is the best way to reduce decision fatigue. Streamlining your daily choices and making a simple to-do list will help you avoid random-decision making.  

Make your big decisions in the morning.

Whether you are a bright-eyed morning gal or a come-to-life-at-night owl, research shows that the best time of day to make clear decisions is in the morning. People are more cautious and meticulous about the choices they make then than they are later in the day. 

Share decision making when possible.

In most households, women are making most of the decisions. Delegate your decisions the same way you would delegate tasks. Relinquishing the responsibility of some decision-making to others reduces the number of choices you have to make. 

Set a limit on your options.

Having too many choices will only intensify the stress of decision making and cause you to second guess yourself. Narrow your options, make a decision and stick to it. 

Create decision-making deadlines for yourself.

Setting deadlines to space out your decisions will force you to act in a timely manner and help you avoid the ongoing dilemma of choice ponder.

Simplify your life.

This is the best overall advice and encouragement I can give you as you position yourself to overcome decision fatigue. 

Hobbies, extracurricular activities, volunteering, etc. are all fine and dandy things to do and be a part of. But if you’re feeling the weight of commitment overwhelm (much like my leggings are feeling the “overwhelm” of Holiday everything), it’s time to re-evaluate and eliminate. 

Fewer tasks and activities will lead to fewer decisions that need to be made. 

Scaling back on your commitments will help you feel more in control of the choices you make. Hallelujah… Can I get an amen? 

Sister, if you’re needing permission to wave that flag and catch your breath, then here it is. Permission granted.

Decide today (for you AND for your family) that you will focus on just those things that have to be done… only those tasks and commitments that add value to your life and make you happy. 

You can’t enjoy all the good life has to offer when you’re drowning in overwhelm and fatigue. 

I don’t have to remind you that life is a special kind of hard right now. If you’re dreading each new day and need help getting back to that sweet place of joy and contentment, I can help. 

Check out my book, The Sweet Spot, where I give you simple and practical tips that will help you thrive and not just survive.  I will hold your hand and walk you, step by step back, back to that sweet spot of yours. 

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