How to Make Time for Self-Care

Yep, here we are again, sister. Still hangin’ out in the self-care camp because it’s that important.

I hope you are convinced that it is not only OK, but it is absolutely necessary to properly care for YOU

I will assume you have granted yourself a promotion to the top of your priority list by now.

I want to share some practical tips for making self-care a consistent part of your daily routine. 

I’ve spent a little time (or a lot) studying the concept, application, and benefits of planning. Sister, I can’t emphasize enough how freakin’ critical it is to the productivity and efficiency of your day and the well-being of your whole self. 

As women, our schedules are as cRaZy as our hormones make us feel. We’re trying to do all the things… for all the people… all the time. 

We go from career mode, to family mode, to mom mode, to wife mode without even thinking about it. Honestly, it’s a good thing we don’t spend much time there because it would overwhelm our overwhelm. 

This is what I know to be true about myself, and I assume it applies to you as well.

We will assign a specific day and time to the things that are most important to us and then show up for them.

If I don’t purposefully schedule the things that truly matter to me, then I guaran-darn-tee you they will not happen. They just won’t.  

The act of scheduling those simple acts of self-care (literally writing those suckers down) is no different, sweet friend.

Like everything else in your life, self-care must become a concrete part of your daily plan if it’s going to become a part of who you are. 

And when it becomes a part of who you are, it spills over into the way you behave.

Here are some tips to get you started on the self-care path that not only you deserve but also those depending on you.


Make a list of the things that you enjoy doing

The key to creating a self-care routine that you can commit to is finding activities you love and can look forward to. 

Don’t try to make yourself enjoy something just because someone else is doing it. Your self-care routine should be tailored to you, and only you. 

Find what works for you and your lifestyle. Take the time to discover the things that light you up and make you happy.


Plan ahead and include it in your schedule

Yep, there it is again. Literally, make a non-reschedulable appointment with yo’ self. Write it in your calendar, set some reminders, put a sticky note on your forehead… whatever it takes, make it official and get ‘er done.  

Planning ahead and assigning acts of self-care to a specific block of time in your schedule makes it easier to fit into your day.


KISS (Keep It Simple, Sister)

Remember, self-care doesn’t have to be lengthy, complicated, or costly. It’s about creating an opportunity for you to relax and recharge. Make it as simple as you need it to be to accommodate your lifestyle. 

Sometimes the first step in simplifying and adapting self-care to your life requires a mindset shift. Instead of thinking of it as one more plate to spin, accept that it is as necessary to your daily routine as clean undies on your bum or food in your belly.


Demonstrate flexible grace to yourself

While a commitment to implementing a self-care routine is crucial, so is allowing yourself the flexibility to experiment with how you will incorporate it. 

Some days it will be easy to implement self-care… and some days not so much. Life happens, right? Don’t be too hard on yourself. Your self-care routine doesn’t have to be perfect. 

Create a disciplined structure with flexible methods.


I hope your perspective (and mindset) regarding self-care has been affected in a positive way. My heart’s desire is for you to realize that you are worthy of the self-care you deserve

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