How to Maintain Your Sanity While Working from Home

You didn’t see that coming, did you? 

Overnight, your morning commute was eliminated. 

But your monthly budget is whippin’ and nae naein’ over the dollars you’re no longer spending on overpriced coffee and GrubHub lunch deliveries. 

And your wardrobe has been downgraded to yoga pants and whatever floats your boat (or corrals the girls) on top… except for Zoom days when you have to pretend you exerted some amount of effort to “get ready”… from the waist up, anyway. 

Whatever you want to call it (telecommute, remote work, work-from-home), your work-scape has changed.

And, as best I can tell from most anyone I talk to in Corporate America, working at home is the new reality, at least for a while. 

Although employers and employees were forced into this “experiment” (I know, some of you wish that’s all it was… an experiment. Come on with the conclusion already, right?), many Corporate businesses are selling their brick and mortar office spaces. 

They no longer expect their employees to work in the office. The “temporary” work-from-home arrangement that the COVID quarantine initiated shows what most of these employers probably never suspected. 

Corporate employees can be just as effective and productive (if not more so) from home as they can in-house. Can you even imagine the overhead expense these companies have been relieved of?

So, my question for YOU… 

How is your work from home arrangement going? 

Whether this is a new thing for you or you were doing it long before it was COVID-cool, what are you doing to maintain your sanity and secure your sweet spot while working where you also live?

I would love to share a few of my favorite tips and tools to help you settle into your sweet spot and remain sane while working from home. 

But, first thing’s first, sister… you must have a freakin’ clear plan along with a commitment to stick to the darn thing. 

The only way you will live (and work) in your sweet spot is to actually start living like you’re already in that place. 

If you’re new to the tele-remote-work-from-home scenario, you probably weren’t greeted by a Pinterest inspired home office equipped with all of the essentials.

Three words for you… So. Flippin’. What.

Whether it’s your dining room table, a TV tray on the back porch, or a tiny nook in your bedroom, use the space you have until there is an opportunity for a better option. 

Creating an effective workspace is critical to your efficiency and productivity… and ultimately connected to your sanity.  

Now, in no way am I suggesting that you spin off into an Amazon shopping frenzy (don’t you dare tell your husband, “Kacie made me do it.”), but I would like to share a few of my personal favorites regarding office space essentials. 

Kacie’s Top Picks for Home Office Space Essentials:

*DISCLAIMER: This blog post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to make a purchase, it is likely I will earn a small commission to fund my wine obsession. Don’t worry, you won’t be charged extra. However, you will help me keep my wine inventory stocked. So really, it’s a win-win.  

Notebooks and Dividers

Pens and Highlighters

Hanging Folders and Oversized Tab Folders

Office Furniture


Office Desk/Filing Cabinet

Tiered Bookshelf

Essential Oils Rack

Ring Light 

Selfie Ring Light for phone, iPad, etc.

10” LED Ring Light with Tripod Stand and phone holder

18” Dimmable Ring Light and stand


Fish tank


Just Add Ice Orchid Easy Care Live Plant

Maintenance Free Orchid Terrarium

Ok, I shared my suggestions. How about you share some of yours?

I would love to hear your work from home tips and tools suggestions on my Facebook page. Share your goodness with us right here. 

You never know. You might share the one thing your sister-friend needs to make her sweet spot complete.  

How about some extra motivation and encouragement (maybe even a little tough love) to help you move past simply surviving to boss mom THRIVING in your work-from-home environment? 

Stay tuned for more information on an upcoming masterclass where you will receive just that for FREEEEEE.  

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