How to Find Freedom (& Success) Outside of the Traditional 9 to 5

I could not wait until my youngest child, Sulli, turned 9 months. He could go to school… and I could go to work. Thank you, Jesus. 

As a mama of littles, I was not only desperate for some “me time”, but I craved the opportunity to create my identity (outside of mom and wife) and establish a sense of purpose for myself beyond the poster mom of yoga pants, messy bun and a cold cup of coffee. 

Now, please don’t misunderstand. I love my babies and I do not take the privilege of motherhood for granted. It is one of the greatest things since Grandma’s sugar cookies.

But, I don’t think there is anything wrong with a mother desiring a life of purpose and fulfillment in addition to her prestigious role of wife and mother. 

As women, there is an ongoing internal struggle between our desire to want more for ourselves and the guilt of feeling like we are taking away from our family.

When a woman becomes a mother, she automatically assumes the role of chief nurturer… and by default, this becomes her identity. But when she desires change or craves opportunity outside of the home, she becomes burdened with so much guilt. 

Why the heck is that? 

Well friend, I will tell you why. 

We have been duped… Duped by our culture into thinking a successful career (whether by choice or necessity) only takes place within the confines of a 9 to 5 arrangement. 

We just assume we must have a traditional 9 to 5 career to be successful because society “says so.”  

Sister, this conversation doesn’t come up enough. The prefabricated idea that we can’t have the same type of success that comes with a traditional 9 to 5 is such a far-fetched idea to me… unhealthy on so many levels. 

I can speak to you for days about the opportunity for success in a non-traditional career. But it doesn’t stop there. You better hold on to that hot cup of java or cool glass of bubbly, because we’re going deeper than success.

Besides an incredible opportunity for the success you desire, you can enjoy a flexibility and time freedom that rarely accompanies a 9 to 5.

When I was a University professor, I knew there was a cap on my earning potential… unless I wanted to take on more courses. That was a big fat no because I was already carrying what they considered a “full load”.

I was exhausted every single night and just because I was home and not at work, didn’t mean there wasn’t work to do.  

I wanted to work. 

I wanted the opportunity to contribute to my family’s finances. 

I wanted a sense of purpose outside of the home. 

But, I also wanted freedom from my mom guilt and the ability to create and manipulate my schedule.

They say, “You can’t have your cake and eat it, too.” But I disagree, especially when it comes to a woman wanting both a career AND the freedom to be available for her family. 

The best decision I ever made for myself and for my family was leaving my traditional 9 to 5 and joining a network marketing company. 

Sweet friend, hear my heart when I say that network marketing is the best choice for the woman who wants it all… both family and career

I absolutely LOVE being able to manipulate my schedule, my priorities, and my paycheck. 

I get to…

  • Decide what my job looks like and who I work with. 

  • … Choose how much time I spend working and where I work. 

  • … Show up and do what I am good at. 

No one else gets to make those choices for me. 

How about you, sister? Are you ready to navigate away from your traditional 9 to 5 and explore the success and freedoms available to you in the direct sales industry? 

Or, maybe you’ve been at home full time and now you’re ready to venture back into the workforce – but you need schedule flexibility so you can still be available for your family. 

Whatever your reason is for wanting change, I want to encourage you in that. 

Change is good and there is absolutely nothing wrong with desiring it. In fact, you might want to check your pulse if you don’t desire a little of it now and then. 

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