Forget Balance. Go for Great.

Be REALLY great now.

Last week I was at our company leadership convention.  I always attend these events with the intention that I am going to take away one amazing thing.  After 3 days my moment finally came.  Don’t get me wrong the entire event was amazing, however at this point in my career it takes a lot to get the butterflies rolling and the heart thumping.

A group of speakers were sharing their personal motivation to the leaders below them on what it means to hit the highest rank in our industry emotionally, financially, and spiritually.  As I watched my fellow partners and friends speak, a wonderful powerhouse woman stepped forward.  She spoke with certainty, love, and kindness.  And she ended her 30 seconds with “be really great at this right now.”

Wow.  That was the golden gem I was looking for.  Be great now.  Not tomorrow.  Not December 31st, 2018.  NOW.

I can honestly say that I’ve read a gazillion articles from amazing women talking about how over-worked, over-stretched, over-committed and just plain OVER things we are.  We are living a life of half-assed accomplishments and excuses for why we can’t figure this world out.

Be great NOW. 

This phrase was rocking my world.   Why was I living a life where EVERYTHING, literally, only got a little bit of the best me?  My marriage.  My career.  My kids.  My friendships.  My self-care.

I blame it on my lack of heart to truly understand the personal development I was spending a fortune on each year.  Once again, don’t get me wrong, it’s crucial, however, if you don’t truly understand what you are seeking you will miss the capability of growth sitting before your eyes.

BALANCE.  The magical word that everyone is seeking so they can shed the guilt that comes with not being enough.  Yep, I’ve been studying this concept for 10 years now.  And honestly up until the powerful phrase “Be great NOW” came into my life I felt like I was doing a pretty good job with everything.

That’s the problem, friends.  “Pretty good” doesn’t feed the soul and it surely doesn’t lead you to the next level of greatness.  2 years I’ve been living the comfort dream.  I make amazing money, have a thriving business, get to work from home, am married to the perfect man, 7 amazing kids, the cutest grand-baby, beautiful home, 10 acres in the mountains, horses, chickens….I’m truly living the dream.  I’ve got it good and I’m grateful, but truthfully I’m bored.  My internal fire has fizzled. My spark is gone.  I am officially balanced and comfortable.

Be great NOW.

Those magical words told me straight up that balance officially needed a new home.  It served its purpose, taught me a ton, and I let it go with great respect.  Today, I’m choosing great.  I wasn’t placed on this earth to play small, nor were any of you. Women, we need butterflies.  We deserve to feel excited and passionate about our lives, missions, and goals.  Seeking balance means we are settling for comfortable.  Seriously, NO THANK YOU.

On a recent trip to Switzerland with my company, a dear friend brought to light what this life truly has to offer in the choices that we make.  Before we arrived in Interlaken, we were asked to choose a daily adventure. They ranged from riding a train to the top of the Alps, spending the day shopping or paragliding.  I, of course, chose the train ride.  Safe.  My friend Emily approached me and said, “Kacie, do you really want to go home and tell your kids you rode to the top of Alps on a train, or do you want to truly experience this beautiful country in a way you will never forget?”  I made a choice that day to stop playing safe.  It wasn’t my color and I was ready to trade it in for a new shade.  I jumped off that mountain that day.  I may have puked in my mouth, but I jumped.  And honestly, I’ve never looked back.

Be great NOW. 

Commit with me today. 

Choose one thing to rock in this lifetime.  And I mean ROCK.  Know that everything else in your life will follow suit.  Your energy will fuel the fire that feeds everything that matters, and your soul will come alive.


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