Family Traditions – How to Keep it Simple This Year

Holidays – how does that word make you feel?

For some of you, it stirs up nostalgia, rekindles fond memories, and creates childlike anticipation of all the feels November and December have in tow.

Yet for others, it is such an empty season of loneliness, weightiness, or hurtful reminder of the loved ones you are no longer sharing life with.

I think it’s fair to say that this year’s holiday season is going to look AND feel a little different for all of us. 

The overall burden of loss, loneliness, fear, and anxiety is the heaviest it has been among the American people in a long time.

And for this reason, I sense that this year’s anticipation of the holidays is one of dread and apprehension among many of you because you are exhausted by the stunts of 2020.  

It hurts my heart to think about it.

One thing this pandemic has made me keenly aware of is the incredible disconnect we have allowed to seep into our homes, our families, and our relationships.

Prior to COVID, we were such an on-the-go culture, wearing ourselves (and our kids) to a frazzle just trying to keep up with the Jones’. 

We showcased our calendars like it was some trophy, yet complained under our breath about how busy we were. 

So, here’s a truth bomb for you…

We really have no one to blame for our “busy” but us.

The plague of 2020 has been nothing shy of brutal… in so many ways.

But, despite its ruthless efforts to expose our immune systems, I think Rona has also done us a favor. 

COVID has slowed us down and revealed the disconnect in our relationships.

Yep, that stings a little, doesn’t it? Truth has a way of doing that. 

I’ve heard many of you talk about how much you have enjoyed the slow pace and simplicity of life that has been a byproduct of quarantines and lockdowns. I can pitch my tent in that camp. 

Unfortunately, it took a national pandemic to remind us that life doesn’t have to be a juggling act of complex chaos. 

Now that the holidays are here, I challenge you to maintain this perspective and resist the temptation to play the hustle-bustle “game”. Keep it simple this year, sister. 

Focus on the people in your life and invest quality time in those relationships

For so long, we have been too flippin’ busy to genuinely nurture family connections… and it shows.

Aaaaand, since I’m meddlin’, have meaningful memories and relationships been the focus in previous holiday celebrations? Yeah, sister, my toes felt that one, too.

This holiday season, I encourage you to spend more time with people and less money on things.

Allow simple opportunities to create meaningful moments instead of planning spectacular events and experiences.

Choose being present over being busy. 

Family traditions are an incredible way to foster these meaningful moments. 

They create such a sense of comfort and belonging among family and friends. We could all use a little more of both, don’t you think?

I would love to hear about the traditions your family has enjoyed over the years or new ones you plan to create. Come share them in our Facebook community here in this thread.

Who knows, it might even inspire you with some new ideas. I know I can hardly wait to read them.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could end this year with stronger relationships, a people perspective, and memories of meaningful moments? Talking about sending 2020 packin’ on a good note. 

COVID has taken a lot of things from many people, but that relentless villain can’t steal the moments you have and the memories you’ll make with the ones you love. 

Let’s do this.

But remember, keep it simple… because simple is where you will live your best life; your sweet life. 

Happy Thanksgiving, sweet sister. Enjoy that precious family of yours. 

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