Expect The Unexpected With Confidence And Grace

She’s long gone, and it doesn’t look like she will return. At least not anytime soon.

To be honest, I’m not sure I want to give her back a seat at my table.  

Most of the country has been mourning this broad’s absence for over four months now.

You know her by name. You’ve probably begged for her return. 

Her name is “Normal”. 

You know, there’s a peculiar thing about that gal. 

They describe her as “conforming to a type or regular pattern.” 

Sister, I don’t know about you, but I am not the least bit interested in conforming to anyone or anything. And for the record, I definitely desire to be more than just “regular” (except… yeah, that “regular” is good… and necessary).  

Here’s a question for you. 

As a culture, have we placed “normal” on a pedestal and let her become the standard for which we desire to achieve? 

I think we have. And as a result, we have settled into a state of normalcy, conditioned to believe that’s all there is.

This concept is so very interesting to me and reminds me of my first marriage. 

For so many years, I settled for being unhappy because it was easier, convenient, and comfortable… sort of. But the reality is I was miserable. 

Yes, so much is unknown in today’s world. We don’t know what to expect in so many areas of our lives… health, school, job, business, future. 

I think the hardest thing about all the uncertainty is the feeling of no control. 

There are many things about our current circumstances that we can’t control. Yet, there are few that we can. 

Friend, adversity is inevitable. It just is. 

The key to a successful life, however you measure it, is learning how to look hardship in the face, embrace the change, and adapt accordingly. 

We will eventually get to the other side of all of this mess. But how you get there is on you. 

It starts in your mind.

First, determine your end goal. Where do you want to end up? (sister, don’t you dare settle) 

Next, establish healthy boundaries that will keep you on the right path. 

Then, decide ahead of time if you are willing to compromise… and be freakin’ bold about it.

Finally, show yourself grace

When you establish a mindset on these principles, you’ll find that you can expect the unexpected with confidence and grace.

I have talked a lot about uncertainty and fear in my blogs the past couple of months because, yeah, both are being experienced at high levels. 

Could you use a little more encouragement or a good dose of positivity? Lord knows we’re living in a world where that’s almost as scarce as toilet paper, coins, and aluminum cans right now. 

Be sure to check out my other blogs for lots of reasons to smile, hope, and laugh and by all means, share them with a friend. We can all use a good hefty dose of pick-me-up. 

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