Escaping the Noise of Negativity

The weight of negativity can be so freakin’ heavy, can’t it? Unlike toilet paper and aluminum cans, there are no rations on its supply. 

Can you even imagine the swift shift in demeanor there might be if this flood of negativity was miraculously changed into wine? Heck yeah, sounds like an appropriate Biblical miracle to me. 

Lately, I have felt extra burdened and heavy-hearted over this. I’m sure I’m no lone ranger in this camp.

It seems like the negative chatter is becoming more amplified, making it super hard to ignore and avoid. 

Much like the infamous Dyson vac that “won’t lose its suction,” negativity will suck you right in with the rest of the trash… if you let it.

If you are a positive person and naturally motivated to look for the good in any situation, then you are probably even more sensitive to this pessimistic garbage. 

Here is the deal. 

None of us are living in a good place right now. We are being judged for what we say, when we say it and how we say it. 

Aaaaaand, if we’re willing to remove our “mask” in complete transparency, we’ve inflicted that same judgment on other people. 

These types of mental and emotional fumes make it difficult to see the good in any situation.

When we become so honed in on what’s wrong in the world (and everybody in it), our hearts become numb to the things and people we should want to celebrate. 

I have two words for the people in the back… that’s you… and that’s me.


As women, we lean toward the more sensitive side of the spectrum. For that reason, we must assume the responsibility to protect our hearts and our minds. That begins with an awareness of the people with whom we surround ourselves. 

Sister, start surrounding yourself with the joy seekers and the do-gooders… and “do life” with them

Yeah, sometimes it might feel a wee bit uncomfortable. Heck, it might even stretch you a little. Conforming to the vast majority will always be the easiest and most convenient choice to make. 

Sister, it’s time to focus on your feminine self. 

Foster a mindset that is determined to invest time and energy into the things in life that truly matter. 

Here are some things I am trying to do more of. I invite you to try them.

  • Reading for pleasure
  • Slathering my body in oils that bring a very strong feminine sense to my well being (i.e. rose, magnolia, lavender)
  • Hiking with my dogs
  • Sitting outside and just being still
  • Spending more time talking with friends and family, laughing, and LESS time on Social Media
  • Personal Development 
  • Cooking comfort foods

And if none of these ideas sizzle your bacon, then you can download my FREE eBook 101 Proven Ways to Practice Self Care Without Feeling Guilty for a plethora of other practical ideas. Start caring for yo’ self TODAY. 

The bonus of living in this space of genuine joy and contentment will be the heightened sense of awareness that our world is starving for grace. 

YOU will be in a place (you know, your sweet spot) to give more of that. 

Go, sweet friend. Be that do-gooder and leave footprints of joy and grace everywhere you step. 

I’m counting on you… and so is the rest of the world.

If you commit to showing up in this way and taking real action (sweet friend, you have to do more than just talk about it) toward becoming a light in such a dark world, then you must come from a place of gratitude. 

And yes, even amid a national pandemic that is riddled with physical, mental, and emotional illness, there is good to be found… but it’s on you to look for it.

Stay tuned for information on an upcoming 3 Day Masterclass pertaining to this very topic. We will definitely acknowledge reality… but we will not wallow there. 

If you are ready to jump off of the “woe-is-me” train and squeeze some thirst-quenching lemonade out of those life-sucking lemons that are making you sour, then don’t miss this. 

Life is way too short to stay in pucker mode. 

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