Change Is Inevitable – THIS Is Why It’s Necessary

WHY are we so quick to resist change

I haven’t thought about this much… until 2020 bullied her way onto the scene with her COVID cohort.

Whew. Change… there has certainly been a lot of it, hasn’t there?

But you know what? 

The more change I see occurring in our homes, our schools, our workplace, our almost everything, the less resistant I find myself to it. In fact, change kind of excites me now.

For real.

I am looking through a different lens and seeing it for what it really is beneath the layer of its negative connotation. 

Change… it’s really an opportunity.  

You’re right. This theory isn’t exactly “normal”… but “not normal” seems to be the trending theme, doesn’t it? Normal… schnormal. 

We like control… comfort… certainty, so of course we are going to resist anything that shakes up our “ideal.” 

Change jacks with what we know… and we. don’t. like. it. So we resist. 

We cross our arms, stomp our feet, and complain to anyone who will listen. Duh… we’re women. That’s what we do.

Seriously though, how does this help us? How is this productive? 

More importantly, what does this teach our children? Because I guaran-darn-tee you they are watching. 

Our brains are hard-wired to do the same thing over and over again, so “let’s put up our dukes and fight” is our response. 

Most of the time, I think we see change as something that is happening to us. 

When we accept change as an avenue to create new opportunities, then our mindset shifts. 

Weeding through the disruption that change creates offers you a chance to push life’s reset button. 

Take advantage of the opportunity to re-evaluate your focus, goals, priorities, purpose, schedule, etc.

You will then find yourself in a place of gratitude, appreciating the opportunities that change delivers.

One thing that has helped me keep my Kacie-crap together for the past several months is creating and maintaining a consistent routine that involves everyone in my home. 

Yep, sister, it’s a game the entire family should play. 

  • We have a regular workout routine. 
  • We meal plan to ensure that we eat healthy. 
  • We have a consistent homework schedule. 

We were implementing these habits pre-COVID, but “Your Highness” even shook up our security and dependency in these minor areas of our life, too.

So, you know what we did? 

✔ Looked disruption in the eye 

✔ Acknowledged its impact

✔ Shifted our perspective

✔ Got really clear on what we needed to do

✔ Created a plan that made sense for our family and we are sticking to it. 

Sister, life is short… change is inevitable. 

Take advantage of the opportunities change presents so you can experience life to its fullest right smack dab in the center of that “sweet spot” of yours. 

Change is good, sweet friend. It truly is. 

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