One thing in my life has always been very clear… I was put here to help others.

When it came time to pick a career path, all signs seemed to point towards education.

So I did everything I was “supposed” to do and landed a job at a university… but something was missing. My soul wasn’t fulfilled spending hours a day in a classroom.

It wasn’t until a cancer diagnosis and a divorce took a swing at me in the same year that I decided to make a change… a BIG one.

So I unapologetically dove into network marketing. (Well, there was some apologizing to those who were a little baffled by my decision to leave teaching, but I think they get it now.)

Along the way, I realized what I needed to do to light my soul on fire. I finally understood what to fill my life with and what to cut out.

Now, on top of running my dream business, I help other women find their purpose, passion, and “Sweet Spot”.

The same desire that first landed me in education fuels me today.

I know I’m on this earth to be a beacon of hope and inspiration to women ready to quit ordinary and pursue their purpose.

If you’re feeling drawn to my message, you might already know that you’re a little different… the typical “hustle and grind” approach to life doesn’t call to you.

You’re full of passion and dreams, and you want to build a life that reflects that.

I was the same way, and that’s why I keep doing what I do.

As an author, speaker, certified coach, and leader, I’m passionate about helping women create intentional lifestyles full of joy.

Regardless of if you want a radical career change or just a little extra money for your family trip, I’m here to help you follow your passion.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t used to think this kind of life was possible for me. I still wake up feeling like I’m just an ordinary woman doing extraordinary things…

So I make it my mission to help everyone I connect with remove the guilt, shame, and limiting beliefs holding them back from living their best life.

I do all of this while running a multi-million dollar business, being a mom to six kids, and a wife to an amazing husband.

There was a moment, 4-weeks after my mastectomy when my doctor looked me in the eyes and told me to go live my life. It was like the permission I didn’t realize I was waiting for to be FREE.

Free from pressures I had once put on myself, free from judgments of people whose opinion didn’t matter, and free from a lifestyle that wasn’t working for me…

That defining moment inspired me to pursue an intentional lifestyle full of hope, resilience, and flexibility.

I draw on that and countless other experiences to empower and equip women to tailor-make businesses and lives that support the dreams they’ve always had… deep down.

The bottom line is, I help women just like you change their lives.

Are you ready to finally take a step toward that lifestyle you always felt was just out of reach? What about embracing your story and letting it catapult you toward success?

If you’re new to my world, I would love to chat, hear your ideas, and help you discover the path to living an intentional life full of Sweet Spots. Go ahead and book a no-pressure call with me now.

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I know this initial step can be scary, but please take some time for a no-pressure call with me. I would love to chat, hear your ideas, and help you discover how to live a lifestyle full of passion and purpose.

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