3 Steps For A Stress-Free Holiday Season

I don’t know about you, but the holiday season is one of my favorites. Sitting around the tree with my family, sipping some wine, and watching the snow come down outside brings me into the present like nothing else and keeps me focused on being attentive to myself.

In fact, I love that feeling so much, that I’m very protective of it! So as we head into the final stretch of December, I’m sharing everything I do behind the scenes to prepare for a stress-free, relaxing, and wonderful holiday season.

3 Steps For A Stress-Free Holiday Season

One of the most common mistakes I see when it comes to the holiday season is treating it like it’s totally separate from any other time of year. Yes, there are more decorations and baked treats from November to December, but other than that, it’s like any other season!

The tips and tricks I use for a stress-free holiday season are not unlike the ones I use throughout the year. So no matter when you’re reading this, use these steps to stay in the moment and feel prepared for every season life brings.

1. Prepare in Advance

I know, this could be a “But first…” moment. But even if you’re knee deep in cookie recipes and last minute shopping, take note. Staying one step ahead actually doesn’t take as much prep work as you might think, and you can start to do it as soon as December 26th rolls around.

One of my favorite tricks is to Christmas shop all year around. I don’t stress about getting a few dollars off the perfect gift — if I see it, I snag it! That way, when the holiday season approaches, all I have left to gather are cute little stocking stuffers.

I also use this trick while food shopping. There’s nothing worse than rushing through the grocery store on December 23rd looking for a certain kind of spice. So as long as it’s not perishable, I’ll grab the ingredients for my favorite holiday treats as we approach the season… even if I just came to the store for milk and bread.

2. Give Yourself Permission

During this time of year, we’re often tempted to put ourselves last on the list and focus on making sure the kids and extended family are taken care of. Of course, we all want grandma and grandpa to be happy, but be sure to take care of yourself too!

Giving yourself permission to enjoy the season and take a much-needed break is critical to having a stress-free holiday season (or vacation).

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3. Take Advantage of Small Moments

This is one of my favorite tips for any time of the year, but the holiday season serves as an easy reminder.

Thinking back over the years, I realized some of my favorite Christmas memories were formed while we all sat around the tree and talked. It wasn’t a big, planned event, I didn’t Instagram it, and the kids didn’t even realize we were having family time.

There’s often a lot of pressure to create spectacular holiday memories, but in reality, it’s the small moments that count. So try releasing the pressure of having a picture-perfect holiday season and live in the present by taking advantage of the small moments that happen daily.

I also find that I end up sharing doTERRA in those small moments! They may happen during a simple conversation at a Christmas party or while catching up with a friend at a holiday dinner. Staying present and in the moment allows me to share what I’m working on in a relaxed and authentic way.

Pro Tip: I love including essential oils in my holiday gifts. This year, Mike and I are gifting these little cocktail tinctures that show people how to use essential oils in their favorite drinks!

With a little forward planning (that’s not as overwhelming as you may think) you can enjoy a stress-free holiday season or vacation. Realize that it’s not unlike any other time of year, and practice staying present in the moment… even if you’re in-laws are driving you a little nuts! ?


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